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Turning 30...Damn Bro!

If you know me, you know I LOVE birthdays! But this year I've been a little nervous of the number 30. I don't know why - it's not like time isn't still passing just because I don't want it to. I truly LOVE life - every single day, I am happy. I attribute it to a lot of things - my husband, my Macaroni, my memories and life with Mac, Prada & Oscar when they were all here together, my family, and my bestie Alexa.

But I also find so much joy in the simplest and smallest things. 30 has made me think something drastic is going to happen, or maybe now I have to start dressing different or acting different? I don't know, I'm an overanalyzer, what can I say! I realize I will always be youthful in my soul, so I guess I fear the physical changes that come with age...I'm sure I'm not alone in that! Haha.

This year I decided to finally learn how to skateboard, it marked 1 year of therapy (which has helped me SO much), 1 year without my Prada girl, 5 years of Sweet Paws, & so much more. So who knows, maybe it could be a bomb ass year afterall.

ANYWAYS! FUCK YEAH TO TURNING 30 - Thank you all for being along for the ride with me! I'm SO lucky to have you all, also, huge shoutout to my family, my Starbucks family & everyone else in between!

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Sweet Paws informs dog owners of the dangerous ingredients in popular dog products such as treats, food & supplements.  

While providing you with healthier swaps so your dog can live a happier, healthier life!

We keep up to date on industry trends so we can let you know what to shop and what to drop.

Dog owners deserve to know the real information surrounding dog food, treats, supplements & more. Ingredients matter, and we're here to help you understand the real vs fake.

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What Pack Members Are Saying

Tango was having issues with his leg, knee joint and arthritis and the Earth Animal aches and discomfort has help him so much, that he does not limp anymore when running around and playing. I love all the products you carry and keep up the wonderful work you are doing. One voice make a lot of difference for our fur babies.

Sweet Paws Outfitters is amazing when it comes to giving your fur baby the absolute best products you can find on the market 🙌🏻. Mel works so darn hard at making sure you have a great experience buying from her and answering any questions! Not only does she offer organic and non-toxic items, but she also shares so much knowledge on what to look for in all other products that contain not so desirable ingredients.

Mel is awesome. I love buying from her! She is not only very knowledgeable but I also love her personality which makes shopping from her Facebook lives and website so much fun. Along with this I have actually learned a lot about different products that I did not know. She helped me dissect ingredients in what my pups were eating previously . Which then helped me pick a better food option for them when I was discovering some allergies one of them was having and it has made all the difference. I trust her and what she sells because she knows her stuff. Her products are high quality ingredients that she offers and everything she sells is made in the USA which is awesome as well. I have actually not bought a treat anywhere else since I started purchasing from her. I would highly recommend if you haven’t already to check her and what she sells out because you will not be disappointed!

Mel, knows her stuff, I have bought from her before she is also very knowledgeable on a lot of dog stuff! Including food ingredients, training, good clean products etc. she is also hilarious, sweet and outgoing as well. 100/10 recommend buying from her. She has worked hard to get where she is and is a small business. Also follow her on all her pages you to can learn alot!

Mel is very knowledgeable when it comes to your fur babies. She has advised me on many aspects of my fur babies. I have purchased from Mel and have been very pleased with my purchases. She explains everything and answers your questions. Thank you Mel, for all your help.

Great healthy products for your dogs. my dog is really picky with her treats, but loved every single bite. Mel really cares about our furry family members.

Very knowledgeable and informative on dog food and products. very honest and trustworthy have purchased and recommend highly

The Sweet Paws Promise

- Made in USA

- No Artificial Colors or Flavors

- Ingredients that Nourish

- Non Toxic 

- Eco Friendly

- Keep It Real Philosophy

- No Nasty Shit

- Supports other Small Businesses

What I do for a living is help dog owners choose healthier food, treats, toppers & supplements. Generic shit doesn’t cut it - it’s filled with low quality ingredients & owned by large corporations that give zero fucks about your dogs health.
I care. I find the best products that I can and bring them to you, while also educating you on ingredients & being a more informed dog owner!
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