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Dog Training Courses

Hey there! I'm so excited you're interested in training your dog.  I know it's a tough thing to navigate because you either don't know where to start, don't know who to trust/ask, or don't know if training is even something you need.

I can guarantee ANY dog, young or old can benefit from training! While I do offer in person training to select clients, I know I have people out of state who still want a good training option suggested to them by someone they know and trust.  I'm so excited to share with you these training course from Solid K9 Training.

These courses were made by an experienced dog trainer who knows his shit. I have ZERO doubts that these courses will change your life. They are also 100% online - they are meant to bring dog training to your home, on your own time, with real results!

I've followed Jeff (Owner) for years and have been to his seminars.  When Force Free/Positive Only dog training was failing me and my dog Mac, I found Jeff, took Mac with me to his seminar and boom - life changing.  He changed my entire mindset on dog training, and continues to do so to this day. A lot of what I know is because of Jeff - he has taught me more than the "schooling" I had for dog training.

So, if you are looking for something REAL, EFFECTIVE, FUN, HONEST, & SIMPLIFIED, here you go!

I am so grateful to be an affiliate for Jeff's courses.  I have a brief description of both courses below for you to take a look at - be sure you click each link to read through them and get a better look at how the course is designed. By using my links you support me, the bad ass who directed you to them! Please feel free to ask any questions & CHEERS to your new adventure of training your dog!

Mel, Sweet Paws Outfitters