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Sweet Potato & Venison Crisps


Not a biscuit, not a jerky, it's a *crisp*... Our new line of Crisps are the perfect treat for your pup's everyday snacking.

Easily breakable, snackable, and crisp-able. Made with just three, simple ingredients, you can't get much cleaner than these goodies.

Organic Sweet Potato - The perfect source of soluble fiber, necessary for proper digestion - Beta-Carotene - what creates the orange pigment, and is used to create Vitamin A - great for vision and eye health

Organic Chia Seeds - Source of omega-3's and healthy fat - Source of dietary fiber to help slow digestion, relieve occasional constipation, and regulate blood sugar

Venison - Humanely raised on clean, open, free-range ranches by family farmers. Grass-fed, free-range, and NEVER any antibiotics or hormones.

Make sure to try our new Sweet Potato & Lamb Crisps as well. It's great to work in a variety of proteins in your pet's diet!