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Shrimp Topper Powder


Indulge your pets with our Wild-Caught Shrimp Pretty Picky Powder, a delectable blend designed to elevate their meals! 🦐

100% dehydrated shrimp

Irresistible Flavor: Delight your furry friends with the savory taste of shrimp, making every meal a culinary adventure.

🐾 Joint and Skin Support: Packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, this powder promotes joint health and maintains a glossy coat for both dogs and cats.

🥄 Versatile and Easy to Use: Simply sprinkle over their food, mix into their food, or mix with water to make a puree, for an instant flavor upgrade and added nutritional benefits

Treat your pets to the savory goodness of shrimp with every meal, ensuring they enjoy not only the taste but also the health benefits!

🌟 Recommended Serving Size: 1-10lbs: 1/8tsp 11-25lbs: 1/4tsp 26-50lbs: 1/2tsp 51-75lbs: 3/4tsp 76+lbs: 1tsp