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Goat Milk Powder


Our Goat Milk Powder is a premium source of nutrition for your beloved dog. Sourced from healthy and happy goats in Nazareth, Texas, this powder is carefully crafted to retain all the natural goodness of goat milk.

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, it provides a wide range of health benefits. The easily digestible nature of goat milk makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or dietary restrictions. It supports healthy digestion, strengthens the immune system, and promotes overall well-being.

The rich and creamy taste of goat milk is sure to delight your furry friend, making it a perfect addition to their regular meals or as a standalone treat.

Treat your dog to the nourishing power of goat milk with our premium quality Goat Milk Powder. They'll thank you with wagging tails and radiant health! 4.5oz.