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Flee Flea Flee Supplement


Grandma’s old farm secret for control, without the use of harmful chemicals! Protect your dog from bugs from the inside out!

Ingredients: Kelp, flaxmeal, garlic, yeast.

Garlic has many benefits such as:

  • antiviral, anti parasitic, antibiotic
  • helps the lymphatic system remove waste
  • can help prevent formation of tumors
  • can help with fleas and ticks as it help disgise scent of dogs blood & build up their coat oil
  • Kelp: lower blood pressure, prevent high cholesterol, help discharge toxins from the body, prevent the occurrence of certain cancers 

    Flaxseed Meal: protect against cancer, rich in fiber, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure

    Garlic: combats bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic, & protozoan infections; flea & tick repellent

    Yeast: promotes healthier skin, less itchy dry skin

(Not to be given to pregnant dogs, puppies under 6 months, & dogs on certain medications such as (Immune suppressants, Heart medications, Chemotherapy drugs, Blood thinners, Insulin, Antacids, High blood pressure drugs)

This supplement combines the benefits of skin and coat supplements with garlic and yeast. Richest plant source of antioxidant lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids that both help support an active immune system and a healthy skin and coat.

Directions: Sprinkle directly over food. Feed the following amounts once daily. Suggested daily use by weight: 10-30 pounds ½ teaspoon 30-80 pounds 1 teaspoon 80+ pounds 1 ¼ teaspoon Approximately 60 servings per 8 oz. container.