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Beef Tripe Bites


Live Pawsitively Green Tripe Beef Bites is a natural Superfood for dogs and cats. Our Beef Tripe is freeze dried and is 100% tripe.

Why Feed Green Tripe: Supports Healthy Teeth Keeps Skin & Coat Shiny Contains Healthy Bacteria & Boost Immunity Detoxifies the Blood & Lymph System Balances Weight Strengthens Digestive Health Pets love the taste

Our Beef Tripe bites are free of anything artificial just 100% Freeze Dried Beef Tripe. Hormone free, antibiotic free, Gluten free, Grain Free, no fillers, no wheat, corn or soy.

Our treats are made 100% in the USA

Beef Tripe Treats are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes.