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Beef Gullet Stick


Ingredients: 100% beef esophagus.

Available in 12 inch sticks and 6 inch - use supervision when your dog is consuming

Description: Shaped like a tubular, hollow chew with a softer and chewy texture. Sold individually

Recommended for: Medium to large dogs over 30 lbs.

Chew Time: A quick chew for medium and large dogs.

Dogs go crazy for this tasty treat! This chew is softer and a little easier to digest compared to a bully stick, so it's a great recommendation for customers who are concerned about harder chews or customers with dogs that have missing teeth or other dental problems. This chew is much more palatable than a bully stick, so it's perfect for those picky dogs who are discerning about what they're chewing. In Brazil, beef esophagus is used in human consumption, so the thyroid organ is completely removed before processing - these treats are free from the thyroid hormones.

Made in South America