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Meet Mel

Hey, Hi, Hello! My name is Mel, & I’m 4 ft 11 but come with a large personality!

Swear words are my favorite and you'll usually catch me listening to rap music, dancing in public, and working at Starbucks.

My husband was in the Army and we were lucky enough to live in Washington State & Tennessee. We now live in lower Michigan & enjoy being close to our family.

Aside from dogs, my interests include philosophy, art, music/concerts, poetry, books, & I love shoes!

Day In The Life

My every day as a “mel-treprenuer” is starting each morning outside with the dogs. Getting sunlight in my eyes, breathing fresh air and being with Mac & Prada. After they get breakfast I put a load of laundry in, get around, and head to Starbucks. I love coming here to socialize and get some work done. After that you can usually find me running errands, going to the chiropractor, letting dogs out, then back home to walk my dogs again, dinner, relaxation, pack orders, then wind down with some tv with my husband.

Throughout the year I enjoy trying to plant/grow a garden, mowing the yard, looking up at the sky, going to concerts with my mom, bbq's at my dads, grounding, taking the dogs to the water, laughing with my husband, and driving around listening to music.

- RIP Prada & Oscar -

The Story of Sweet Paws

Hey, Hi, Hello!

My name is Mel, & I’m so pumped you’re here! 

After quite a few years trying to decide what I was meant to do, I became a dog trainer. But then I realized I loved sharing my favorite dog related products with clients more than I loved training. I realized I could turn my love of sharing products into a business and so I did!

Sweet Paws Outfitters (inspired by Prada, my 'Sweet P’) is a place for every-pawdy who wants better for their dogs.

My mission is to bring awareness to all the toxic shit in our dogs food, treats & everyday products & provide you with better choices for your best friend.We all know to some degree the toxic shit that surrounds us.

I expose the bullshit in big box stores, vet offices, & everywhere in between. If you're intrigued, you'll love my Instagram rants.

The products sold at Sweet Paws are curated with high standards and made from companies who give a shit.

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Fake Fillers or By Products
  • Nourishing, Functional Ingredients Only
  • Non Toxic Products without Neurotoxins, Hormone Disruptors, Cancer Causing, Etc
  • Biologically Appropriate Treats

As my inventory grows, the goal is to have a significantly better swap for everything you might need for your dogs.  

Our specialty is treats, supplements & toppers!

Sweet Paws Outfitters is proud to be an eco friendly shop.  All shipping materials are reused and the materials I buy are made from recycled materials.

SPO encourages its customers to reuse or recycle your treat bags and shipping materials.  

Sweet Paws is also proud to carry brands that play a role in the eco friendly community.

Loves of My Life

Mac & Prada are my first dogs as an adult. They are the absolute loves of my life. We had a third member, Oscar, join our pack when we moved from TN to Michigan, but he passed about 2 years ago. 

And recently, my sweet, beautiful girl, Prada, has passed as well. It's now just me and Macaroni, & my husband Kyler, of course. Here's a little bit about each.

Mac, AKA Macaroni, Roni, Macintosh - an 8 year old rhodesian ridgeback mix. The goofiest kid you'll ever meet, loves to chase critters, kills about 10 woodchucks a year, senior branch manager, full time treat tester & part time photo model.

Prada, AKA Sweet P, Queen P, Prada Girl -  was a 10 year old bloodhound lab mix.  She loved all food, always welcomed cuddles and compliments. She loved to swim & was at peace in the water. She is the most precious and most beautiful girl ever.

2014-2023, Forever My Girl

Oscar, AKA Osh Kosh - a husky, GSD mix with a rough past. We knew him since he was a baby, and welcomed him into our home as an official pack member when he was about 8 years old. He was head of home security, always howling & thrived in the snow. We miss you Osh Kosh